1. I set a bomb in the Kraken

I sneak
I replace the god and get immortal.


2. The lord of Galloway

Recreate / Recreate / Recreate / Recreate
Devour you everything / got to be your host / I’m your king
Recreation / Recreate

Duplicate / Duplicate / Duplicate / Duplicate
Devour your whole body / sweep your whole life under the grave
Duplication / The hell-brigade rises / I am now / the end of your life

Cave of Sawney bean / burn up the religion
Rape of sawney bean / turn up the sedition

I said no
you are my enemy
you should have killed me
what have you done to me

sawney bean / I am the evidence human beings are all ugly
sawney bean / I am the true color of human beings

おまえなんて食らいつくして/ 俺はおまえの宿主/ おまえの王
再創造 / 再創造する

複製 / 地獄の旅団の起こり / 俺は今/ お前の人生の最後

ソニービーンの洞窟 / 暴走する信仰
ソニービーンの陵辱 / 湧き上がる反逆


ソニービーン / 俺こそが人間が醜いことの証明だ
ソニービーン / 俺こそが人間の本来の姿だ

3. A song for my funeral

bury me as a dead person/ want to live a life of peace/ knock my coffin, get in/ Its all insane
bury me with a false charge/everything is fucking complex/ knock my coffin, get in/ save me.
God says me/God sets me free/ God says me/ He is on my side.
Curve on my grave/ this is my name
This is the night I go forth/ I will never forget/ this night that I die.

無実の罪とともに埋めてくれ/すべてがクソみたいに複雑だ/ 俺の棺をノックして入ってこい/ 俺を救ってくれ
神は言う/ 自由にしてやると/ 神は言う/ 俺の味方だと
墓に刻んでくれ/ これが俺の名前
これが俺が前に進む夜/ 決して忘れない/ 俺が死ぬこの夜を


we are the clones.
I wish I could make you hear my last word.
My pegion you killed.

my brain is inside twisted / my limbs became useless / but, they are not broken / I’m just like you.

Death throes, it grows

satiation of black sun, control my life
Black sun seven-three-one, control my life

gotta flip the cool light off and turn the mean one on.
Death throes, Death throes.
I don’t give a shit if I live or die anymore.
where nothing means nothing.
I’ll take it to my fucking grave.

Black sun overhead shines never set and let me get away.

Death throes/Death throes
Death throes/Death throes







断末魔の叫び/ 断末魔の叫び
断末魔の叫び/ 断末魔の叫び

5. Ouroboros

get the fuck up to my skeeem
get the endless circulation/ get the fuck up to my skeeem/ get the fuck up, basquiat/ get the fuck up to my skeeem.
swallow its own tail/ surrounding my soul/ deep in my soul
The sleeping dragon keep on tracing a line of hopeless.
swallow its own tail/ forming a circle/ No need of your ears/ No need of your eyes/ just come full circle to find the truth/ then I paint a circle around my crimes again.

永遠の循環/ 輪廻に達する/ バスキアの目覚め/ 輪廻に達する
自らの尾をくわえ/ 魂の周りを囲み/ 魂の底で
自らの尾をくわえ/ 円を形成する/ 耳の必要はなく/ 目の必要もない/ 一周回れば真実がわかる/ そして俺は再び自分の罪に円を描きはじめる

6. Saturation of Madness

feeling like shit from the morning. / Just have to die
roll a joint with a strip of your rawhide / No escape / No regret / There’s no place to hide.
Don’t you think that we can have an fucking additional link.
Kill and bury your body / then, No one can insult me.

Your eyes are telling me / I’m beneath you.
You’ll be dead and soon turn to fucking clay. / No escape / No regret / there’s no place to hide.
Don’t you think I can make you come and take your fucking soul.
literally I can make you die / Notice: I can #”###””#$%$#$”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Promises are either broken or kept / This will be justified. / there’s nothing wrong with me.
the law is no longer effected / her death is just in vein / there’s nothing wrong with her though

kill blue blood / endless lam
forbidden cross / milky blood

rush of joy / your stench of death will never go away.
that’s too sweet for words / next day, will I feel the same??
another day to feel like shit somehow.

今日も朝からクソみたいな気分 / 死ぬほかない
おまえの生皮でジョイントを巻く / 逃げ道もなく/ 後悔もなく/ 隠れる場所もない

おまえはすぐに死んで土に還る/逃げ道もなく/ 後悔もなく/ 隠れる場所もない
文字通りぶっ殺してやる / 警告:I can #”###””#$%$#$”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

約束事は守られたり破られたり / これもいずれ正当化される / 俺は間違っちゃいない
もはや法律に効力はない / 彼女の死は無駄に終わる / 彼女は間違っちゃいないけど

貴族を殺して / 永遠の逃亡
禁じられた交配 / 白濁した血液

あふれ出る喜び / おまえの死臭消えることはない
甘すぎて言葉にできない / 俺は次の日も同じように感じているだろうか??

7. Karma, Blooline

You better fuck her with no remorse/ just follow your reptile brain/ like compulsive nail biting/
derive the pleasure from her rigor motis/ she is getting hard too / what a bitch.
She is getting hard / God is in your brain / God doesn’t push you into fucking defence/ we are born to suffer/ life means nothing to us/ just hank of meat / so, don’t have a faith.
Open her body with a clever / you can’t find the answer you want / what you are looking for is in your brain / ejaculate the answer into her / Ejaculate, reptile brain / we just repeat ancestral behaviors.

情け容赦なくファックしろ/ ただ爬虫類の脳に従うんだ/ 神経症の爪かみのように/
彼女の死後硬直から得る快感/ 彼女も固くなってきてるぜ/ とんだクソ女
固くなる彼女/ 脳に神/ 強要されない防衛本能/ 苦しむために生まれ/
人生には何の意味もない/ ただの肉のかたまり/ だから、信仰なんて持たないことだ
彼女の腹をかっさばいても/欲しい答えはでてこない/ 答えはおまえの頭の中だ/ その答えを彼女の中に射精しろ/ 射精する、爬虫類の脳/ 俺達はただ祖先の行いを繰り返す.


All lyrics written by Kiyo Nishihara.


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