The Band


Kiyo "No-kon" Nishihara : Vocals - Blog "Nokon's Unholy extravaganza"
Yosuke Nakamiya : Guitar
Keishi Abe : Drums
Riki Nohara : Bass


Long before man stumbled his way across the earth the old gods of roamed the darkness. Their reign was a fearsome chaos of fear and despair. Eventually the old gods grew tired of this realm and crawled into the Abyss to sleep. The old gods dreamed terrible things and these thoughts gave birth to form and form gave birth to life. From this life Man was spat upon the earth to live in misery, toiling from dust to dust.
But man thought himself a noble creature and began to beat his fists against fate. This noise awoke the dark gods, who began watching in hunger from the darkness, since this world was no longer theirs.
To reenter and reshape this world to their twisted desires they first needed a gateway. But a gateway this immense needed a power greater than could be found in the fragile hairless monkeys that controlled the world. From an unholy coupling between a demon baron and a three-headed hellhound in the Godless lands of Hell they pulled forth a monster with the voice of the damned. His name was Kiyo Nishihara and his conquests would be legend, his voice an orchestra of eternal suffering.
Kiyo heard the calling of the old gods and followed their appetite. Kiyo’s task was to find the other savage souls that were needed to open the dark gate and form the world’s most brutal Deathmetal band ever witnessed in the history of man’s inhumanity.
In 2006 Kiyo left behind the L.A. based Deathmetal band Bringer-X, and cast his gaze towards the hungry phantoms that haunted Osaka, Japan. Once there he was led to crunching grinding guitars of Yosuke Nakamiya. His razor wire guitar strings were forged from the umbilical chords of slain angels, giving his playing the sharpest edge both figuratively and literally. Too much exposure to the raw sounds of his will cause the average human to rip open his skull trying to fit the ferocity of his music into the limited capacity of the human mind. From the remnants of his former band, Yosuke brought with him the name Eardrum.
Together Kiyo and Yosuke began to write the soundtrack to the Apocalypse.
In August of 2006 drummer Takashi Kondo and a bassist Kiyo will only refer to as “Asshole” joined the band. His life span was short, and at the end of October, in deference to the old gods, whose voices they followed, “Asshole” was burned in eulogy. At this point the nimble fingers and quantum fast mind of Riki Nohara were recruited by Yosuke to anchor the band against the hell-storm Eardrum was brining to mankind. Riki’s bass was tuned to the frequency of the soul. With his sound he binds the listener wholly to the message of Eardrum.
That December, Eardrums first trumpet call, “The Art of Karma”, was unleashed upon the world. On this album are six of the rarest, harshest, most deadly songs of destruction. This EP was a declaration of war on the soft mediocrity that permeates the human collective. With every track the rift between our world and the black abyss that houses the unspeakable horrors widens.
But there was one thing missing from Eardrum. While Takashi’s drums were adequate, he was not among the chosen. The old gods needed a sound that could unite the mindless marching masses, something that could keep the slaves in line. They needed a percussion that shook the Heavens. Yosuke tapped his former drummer for the old Eardrum, KC Abe. Abe’s drumming was exactly the sound that was needed, and with every pound on the drum skins made from un-baptized innocents the planets shift out of line and somewhere in the universe a star dies, taking with it planets teaming with life.
With the line up completed Eardrum was poised to take on the world. Not only was Japan infected, but in the west, American metal fans, in dire need of something truly brutal, discovered Eardrums anthem. In June 2007, Eardrum invaded America, sharpening their teeth on the unsuspecting masses that greeted them.
After their return to Japan, Osaka was officially renamed Warsaka and Eardrum has incubated, building its underground army and preparing their minds and bodies for its next wave of attack. At this moment, somewhere in the catacombs of Warsaka’s wasteland Eardrum is creating their next masterpiece. It is building new songs of the coming Apocalypse. During the Equinox of 2009 Eardrum will release their first full-length album. You have been warned.

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